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A brief biography of Mike

A native of Taunton, Massachusetts, Mike's fascination with Piedmont blues began after hearing a local folksinger named Vic Wotherspoon back in 1969. Wotherspoon introduced him to the music of people like Paul Geremia, David Bromberg, Rev.Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt and Doc Watson.

More recently Mike has studied with Andy Cohen and Barry Brown. One of the best ways to learn the guitar, of course, is to teach it, and Mike's been doing that for the better part of 35 years.

Mike is also possessed of a clear, strong and expressive voice – one that is purely his own – and his voice and guitar work wonderfully together.

Mike played mostly in rock and blues cover bands in the '70s and '80s, but more recently he has returned in earnest to his pursuit of acoustic finger-pick perfection.

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